Patients seeking an arm tuck, otherwise known as brachioplasty, have noticed significantly loosened upper arm skin. This can be a result of weight loss or normal aging. An arm lift removes the excess skin and fat, leaving the upper arms with a tighter contour. The incision extends from the elbow to the underarm, and sometimes onto the side of the chest. In some instances, liposuction can be used alone or in conjunction with an arm lift to remove excess fat in the upper arms.


arm tuck brachioplasty

An arm tuck can dramatically change the appearance of the arm’s shape. This can occur anywhere from the top to the lower region under the elbow. A person’s arms can sag, droop or fade over time from natural causes. Usually an increase in age, genetics, and variations in weight are the primary factors. Serious accidents or traumatic experiences can have similar effects. A person may see positive results from exercise and healthy dieting. But sometimes these actions don’t quite do the trick. These usually affect the muscle contained within, but do nothing for the skin. The skin may be prone to a loss of elasticity that can’t be reversed.

For some, an arm tuck is the best option for getting your skin back to how you like it. The goal of the procedure is to diminish the fat deposits between the elbow and lower arm. It also creates a smooth surface over rough skin. You will come out of the procedure appearing more proportionate and toned.

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