Breast augmentation is one of the most sought after procedures performed by plastic surgeons worldwide. Reasons for choosing surgery are highly personal and many women think about options for years before deciding to proceed. Breast augmentation is hardly one size fits all. While there are women who want larger breasts overall, some women may be happy with their breast size but just want them slightly more full. Dr. Lily Lee can be found in the SG Valley and Coachella Valley areas. Call our Pasadena or Palm Desert office today!

Breast augmentation comes with several considerations:

  1. Saline (physiologic salt water) or silicone gel filled implants
  2. Incision type (around the nipple or under the breast
  3. Pocket placement (under or above pectoralis major muscle)
  4. Implant size

Each of these choices is unique to you and must be made between the patient and her surgeon.

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The procedure, also known as a mammoplasty, will make them larger. This does not mean the breasts will be lifted above their current location. This also does not mean they will come closer together. It will create more volume and provide a fuller look. If you are interested in a lift, this is another procedure. If you would like to go bigger but keep your natural look, this procedure is right for you. Dr. Lily Lee offers the best breast augmentation SG Valley has to offer. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation.