Mommy Makeovers And Your Body After Baby

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, but there is no doubt that it is also a challenge. Sleepless nights, hectic schedules, careers, and the never-ending demand of what it takes to run a household keeps many moms from being able to take care of themselves.

Even with regular exercise and a good diet, the changes to a woman’s body from pregnancy don’t always respond the way we want them to. All the efforts made can start to feel like a losing battle, and it leaves many moms feeling not like themselves.

Enter the “Mommy Makeover.”

While the term can mean a variety of different things, a “Mommy Makeover” addresses the breasts and abdomen in some fashion through one or more of the following procedures:

·       Breast Augmentation

·       Breast Reduction

·       Breast Lift

·       Breast Lift with Augmentation

·       Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), Mini or Full

·       Liposuction

Whether you goal is to get back to your “pre-baby body” or you simply want to enhance what you currently have, a mommy makeover is a great way to create a customized treatment plan for your needs!

Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding or significant weight loss or gain can cause loss of volume and sagging in the breasts. If restoring volume is a primary concern, a breast augmentation may be a good option for you.  The procedure is relatively short, typically under two hours, and will help you restore a more youthful appearance.

There are numerous factors that may contribute to the difference in cost of a breast augmentation, the primary one being your choice of a breast implant. Implant options include silicone, saline, and the latest in saline technology called the Ideal implant. Your doctor and Surgery Coordinator will be able to help explain the benefits of each option for you, including the look, feel, and profile you are most interested in.

Breast Reduction

As it implies, a breast reduction is a surgical procedure to reduce the amount of tissue in the breasts. For women who experience chronic back and neck pain or rashes from skin chafing, a breast reduction can be lifechanging. A breast reduction is also a great technique for improving the shape and position of the breast.

Breast Lift

For many women, the thought of implants is too scary for them, or they are afraid altering their body too drastically. If the idea of implants is not appealing to you, then a breast lift may be the way to go to. Breast lifts help reshape sagging breasts by removing excess skin, repositioning the tissues to a more youthful appearance, and if desired, the nipples or areolas can also be reduced.

Depending on the type of lift a patient may need, scarring from a breast lift will take one of these three shapes: circular or peri areolar, a lollipop scar (round with a vertical line below the nipple), or an anchor scar (like the lollipop scar, but with extensions along the crease of the breast). Each of these techniques is used in specific scenarios, so if you are a candidate for a breast lift your surgeon will be able to kind you as to which method would be most successful for you.

Breast Lift with Augmentation

Many women who have had children are excellent candidates for a simultaneous breast augmentation and lift. It is very common for breasts to stretch and lose shape or volume after pregnancy. This procedure can be beneficial for any woman who wants to change or enhance the size and shape of her breasts.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

As one would expect, the area that sustains the most change after pregnancy is the abdomen. From stretched out skin to the separation of the abdominal muscles (diastasis recti), restoring the abdomen to its pre-pregnancy appearance can be very difficult. Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, you may be able to achieve drastic improvement on your own, but for women requiring repair of their abdominal wall surgery is the only fix.

A tummy tuck will remove excess skin and give your surgeon the opportunity to internally tighten and corset your stomach muscles back to their original position (or even slightly tighter!). The scar for a tummy tuck is traditionally very low and is typically hidden under the waistband of your underwear or bathing suit. The results of a tummy tuck can be quite dramatic and can give you a narrowed waist and flat tummy. While this is a larger scale surgery than most breast procedures, moms can generally expect to be back to most of their routine by around 3-4 weeks.


For those dealing with large amounts of unwanted fat, traditional liposuction remains the gold standard. It is critical for patients to understand that liposuction is not an alternative to proper weight reduction. If you are not at your ideal weight when you meet your doctor for consultation, you may be advised to return when you have reached and maintained your goal weight.

The recovery from liposuction is considerably less than that of a tummy tuck, but you can still expect to wear a compression garment for a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Most patients can return to a moderate schedule after about 1 week, and the results of your new contour are typically evident around the 3-4-month mark.


Whether one procedure or a combination of these procedures interests you, meeting with a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon will ensure you are in the most experienced hands. Dr. Lee has performed hundreds of mommy makeovers, and she specializes in taking a personalized approach with each of her patients. Call our office today to learn more about how she can help you look and feel your best!